YaYoads Optimization Brain assists in doing only one thing that really matters – Better results!!!

Using our in-house “Brain”, YaYoadsmakes almost instantaneous targeting, pricing and frequency adjustments across thousands of campaigns , channels and creatives to ensure that our clients get optimal results. The “Brain”never stops evaluating all campaign, managing and optimizing while at the same time opening new campaigns to better the revenue.


Our Proprietary technology all developed in-house.


Our Cross-platform and cross-channel.


Our “Brain” Maximizes optimization.

Brand Protection and safety – One of our top priorities is to protect your brand.

YaYoadsBrain provides you with multiple layers of security to ensure the integrity of your brand throughout your campaign:

  • Our experience allows us to white/ black list sites and buyers.
  • We use screening technology to prevent your ads from appearing on sites that our clients exclude from their campaigns.
  • Our site transparency tool enables you to see each and every site on which your campaign is presented.
  • Continuous ad placement audits